Competition Tribunal Dismisses Case Against TREB

TORONTO – APRIL 16, 2013 – On April 15, the Competition Tribunal announced that it has dismissed an Application initiated by the Commissioner of Competition against the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), and ordered costs payable by the Commissioner of Competition to TREB. The Competition Tribunal stated that its decision is based on its finding…

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Protecting GTA Consumers

Since launching, I’ve been asked by friends, colleagues, and clients why TREB thinks this is an important cause. Well, this CBC story about online real estate scams in Toronto certainly answers that question! According to the CBC, police in Toronto are warning the public about new online scams that are using fake ads using…

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Why Privacy Matters

I was reading the news today and came across this story about Google facing fines in the U.S. The company is allegedly delaying a government inquiry into how it collected data about the public. The Federal Communications Commission is saying that Google gathered personal e-mails, text messages and other personal material through its Street View…

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