The Competition Bureau is Threatening to Dismantle Privacy Safeguards of Home Sales.

The Competition Bureau is taking action that would force TREB to abandon the safeguards in the MLS® system and make personal information available on the Internet. Doing so, though, would threaten the privacy rights of GTA consumers.

But what do Ontarians think?

TREB has released the results of an Angus Reid poll. The vast majority of Ontarians clearly expressed their opposition to abandoning the safeguards of the current MLS® system.

When asked about the Competition Bureau’s actions, Ontarians expressed their concern:

  • 75% of Ontarians believe that personal information such as name and final sale price should be kept confidential by REALTOR® professionals. Commissioner Aitken wants to release this information.
  • 70% of homeowners do not want their personal contact information released to the public. Commissioner Aitken wants to release this information.
  • 67% of Ontarians oppose any measure to make personal contact information such as name and address available to others who are not subject to a professional code of conduct. Commissioner Aitken wants to release this information.

These results are overwhelming. But that’s no surprise given the consequences if the Competition Commissioner gets her way. If she does, consumers’ private information, which is currently protected on our secure MLS® system, would become freely available on the Internet, such as:

  • Seller’s name and address
  • Property floor plans
  • Sensitive property access information
  • Negotiated sale price
  • Mortgage details

Ontarians clearly oppose having this information becoming freely available on the Internet. I agree.

If Commissioner Aiken gets her way, Ontarians won’t. But privacy matters. That’s why TREB is standing up for GTA consumers. Click here to learn how you can take action to protect privacy.